Universal Transdraulic Oil - Water handling Capabilities for Winter Storage

Thursday, October 31, 2019

United Universal Transdraulic Oil – Water Handling Capabilities for Winter Storage


A high performance tractor hydraulic fluid should provide a high tolerance to water contamination. United Universal Transdraulic Oil* contains a chemical emulsifier that creates a protective film around water molecules to prevent rust and corrosion, especially important during periods of low-use.  Lower quality products allow rust, corrosion and sludge to form and for sediment to drop out. Using these products can eventually lead to plugged filters and sometimes hydraulic system malfunction.

How well does United Universal Transdraulic Oil handle water?

To find out, an evaluation of United Transdraulic Oil and two common competitors was conducted to determine each product's stability in the presence of water.  In this evaluation, fluids were contaminated with 1% and 2% water.  The lubricants and water were blended together and allowed to age for two weeks. A visual inspection for any sediment dropout followed.

  • Competitive Fluid A was clearer when contaminated with 1% water and aged for two weeks.  But the same sample of fluid, when contaminated with 2% water, showed sediment dropout after two weeks. 
  • Competitive Fluid B showed sediment dropout with both 1% and 2% water and aged for two weeks.
  • United Universal Transdraulic Oil showed only a hazy appearance and no sediment when contaminated with 1% and 2% water.


1% Water

2% Water

Competitor A



Competitor B



United Universal Transdraulic Oil



Test Conditions:

Water blended into the fluid and aged 2 weeks.


The haze seen in the United Transdraulic Oil came from the suspension of water throughout the fluid.  Suspended water within the lubricant keeps it away from metal surfaces where it can cause rust and corrosion.

*United Transdraulic Oil is blended in Council Bluffs, IA and backed by GROWMARK Inc.  It meets or exceeds most OEM specifications.


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