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For over 75 years, United Lubricants has built its reputation on high-quality lubricants, greases, and industrial fluids.

The United Brand is thriving because of GROWMARK’s tireless commitment to quality control and product consistency, achieved through GROWMARK’s manufacturing facility in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Our distributors regard the United Lubricants brand as a "high quality/high technology, reliable and local" brand in the marketplace.* Businesses that are looking for a partnership choose United Lubricants. The brand is supported through technical support, marketing and sales resources and customized training made available through GROWMARK.

The customer feels valued through ongoing education and field-proven, premium product performance. Proprietary products such as United Super Premium Fleet heavy-duty diesel engine oil and United Universal Transdraulic Fluid are formulated to bring additional value to end users compared to competitive products.

*Commentary came directly from United Lubricants distributors during a survey conducted during the 2017-2018 marketing year.


GROWMARK is an agricultural cooperative providing agronomy, energy, facility planning, and logistics products and services, as well as grain marketing and risk management services in more than 40 states and Ontario, Canada.

The GROWMARK System began in 1927 when Illinois Farm Bureau members organized local agricultural cooperatives in order to meet their growing demand for a reliable fuel supply. Soon, nine of those cooperatives combined to form Illinois Farm Supply Company, which merged with similar organizations in Iowa and Wisconsin to form FS Services, Inc. In 1980, GROWMARK, Inc. was established through the consolidation of FS Services, Inc. and Illinois Grain Corporation. When GROWMARK purchased the lubricants manufacturing facility located in Council Bluffs, Iowa in 2006, GROWMARK acquired the United Lubricants brand and has since expanded the product line to better suit customers. With brand expansion has also come additional marketing, sales and training resources, and tools available to United Lubricants distributors.

GROWMARK Lubricants - A Supplier You Can Count On

In 2006, GROWMARK purchased the lubricants manufacturing facility from McCollister and Company located in Council Bluffs, IA to better support customers through improved economics, committed focus on quality control and extra attention to industry-leading product performance. Since this purchase, GROWMARK has renovated the facility to include expanded bulk oil and engine coolant storage capacity, increased warehouse space and state-of-the-art equipment for solubilizing viscosity index improver. GROWMARK’s Lubricant Manufacturing facility boasts the newest processes, most comprehensive testing capabilities and continues to expand in its technology to meet the exacting needs of its customers.

Annually, on average, the GROWMARK Lubricants Council Bluffs, Iowa facility manufactures over five million gallons of finished lubricant products and has on-site storage for one and a half million gallons to ensure plentiful supply and better control over pricing for customers.

GROWMARK blends nearly 400 different lubricant products, with many being custom formulations made to order for our customers.

Customer Commitment

At GROWMARK, customers come first. Personnel at GROWMARK Lubricants work with each company to evaluate their needs, whether needs include small batch sizes, custom blend products or development in a private label brand. The lubricants manufacturing facility is ideally located along railway in Council Bluffs, Iowa, designed to economically bring in base oil and additives, blend and ship bulk and large containers to our customers in a timely fashion.

Benefits to Customers through GROWMARK’s Lubricants Manufacturing Facility:

Reliability of Supply

  • Over 1.5 million gallons of bulk lubricant storage capacity to assist with maximizing economic efficiencies in purchasing, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution
  • Relationships with all of the major industry raw material suppliers

Quality Control Laboratory Services Available to Customers

  • Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for testing product along each step of the blending process ensuring product specifications match with the performance requirements required
  • Highly trained technicians to constantly monitor raw materials and finished products
  • Quality assurance through manufacturing, storage, packaging and bulk loading

Used Oil Analysis Program

  • Full-Time, dedicated and experienced laboratory staff to assist with testing procedures and inquiries from customers
  • Modern testing equipment providing timely, useful and accurate results
  • Online portal to view test results and track data for customers

Private Label & Custom Blending

GROWMARK’s recognized industry experts work closely with customers to solve problems and provide the product portfolio our customers need, in the fast-changing and complex world of engine, equipment and machine lubrication. GROWMARK will work with customers to identify market needs and design and implement a solution to best fit the local geography. Custom blending can assist with developing a private label brand in a new market.

Modern Facility & Viscosity Index Improver Technology

Along with quality testing, the GROWMARK Lubricants facility contains dedicated piping and individual tanks for each product, ensuring better quality to help eliminate cross-contamination.

The addition of the Viscosity Index (VI) Improver Solubilizer allows GROWMARK to dissolve solid Polymeric material into an oil lubricant additive in-house creating industry-leading multi-grade oils. This contributes greatly to a high standard of quality and consistency.

Marketing & Sales Support

Take your partnership with United Lubricants one step further by partnering with United Lubricants to build the brand into your current marketing portfolio. From design and print/production resources, to existing collateral material to technical sales training, United Lubricants staff is readily available to help you build more than just a product line in field – they are available to help you build additional value with customers by finding ways to help customers improve their operations through educational resources. Conversion programs, market development programs, training plans, equipment solutions, and customized strategic planning sessions are available to United Lubricants distributors.

ISO 9001: 2015

The GROWMARK Lubricants Manufacturing Facility has been granted a certification of ISO 9001 standards. This is a certification of GROWMARK’s standards and commitments to quality.

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