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Recognized for Consistent Quality

It’s one thing to talk about quality. It’s quite another to consistently deliver it. Since we manufacture our own products, we control the inputs as well as the processes. We know our lubricants consistently meet the highest quality standards and continue to maintain an ISO 9001 certification from the International Organization for Standardization, signifying quality control of all business processes.

When We Talk About Quality, We Mean It.

The phrase “We Blend It, We Back It” is not just an empty promise. United Lubricants™ are manufactured at the GROWMARK® Lubricants Manufacturing facility in Council Bluffs, Iowa, using the highest-quality base oils and state-of-the-art additives. United Lubricants consistently produces high-quality products and proudly stands behind them offering peace-of-mind and support for your over-the-road or in-field needs.

Onsite Laboratory

Recent technology upgrades to the in-house laboratory benefit quality-assurance initiatives.  By testing products during each step of the blending process, United Lubricants ensures that product specifications match performance requirements. Highly trained technicians constantly monitor raw materials and finished products to assure consistent quality. 

In addition, the lab renovations have allowed us to expand our Used Oil Analysis program.  Used oil analysis is a proven way to help you get the maximum benefit from our high quality lubricants.

Custom Blends

Some customers require unique, specialized products. United’s ability to blend lubricants in small batches allows us to make custom blends to meet even your most unique specifications in the field to solve a problem or prevent a problem from occurring.

Support and Expertise

Our recognized industry experts work closely with you to solve problems and recommend practical solutions for the many lubricant applications in today’s machinery.

Manufacturing and Warehousing

Continuous renovations to the manufacturing and warehouse facility have added capacity and maximized efficiencies in purchasing, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution. The addition of on-site solubilization of viscosity index improvers allows us to dissolve solid polymeric material into an oil additive package, a necessary ingredient for multi-grade oils. Dedicated piping throughout the facility prevents cross-contamination and ensures consistent quality.

Marketing and Sales Support - Dealer Opportunities

Take your partnership with United Lubricants one step further by partnering with United Lubricants to build the brand into your current marketing portfolio. From design and print/production resources to existing collateral material to technical sales training, United Lubricants staff is readily available to help you build more than just a product line in the field – they are available to help you build additional value with your customers by finding ways to help them improve their operations through educational resources.


​GROWMARK is an agricultural cooperative providing agronomy, energy, facility planning, and logistics products and services, as well as grain marketing and risk management services in more than 40 states and Ontario, Canada.

The GROWMARK System began in 1927 when Illinois Farm Bureau members organized local agricultural cooperatives in order to meet their growing demand for a reliable fuel supply. Soon, nine of those cooperatives combined to form Illinois Farm Supply Company, which merged with similar organizations in Iowa and Wisconsin to form FS Services, Inc. In 1980, GROWMARK, Inc. was established through the consolidation of FS Services, Inc. and Illinois Grain Corporation. GROWMARK purchased the lubricants manufacturing facility in 2006, and since the purchase of the plant, GROWMARK Lubricants has been blending and marketing the United Lubricants product line. United Lubricants has been marketed for over 75 years to agriculture, construction/excavating, trucking, manufacturing, concrete, waste management, transit and other heavy-duty and light-duty customers.

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With our commitment to the highest quality products, convenient facility offerings and excellent customer service, we don't just back our products, we back our customers, too!