Introducing United Syn Hydraulic XT

Wednesday, April 8, 2020
Introducing United Syn Hydraulic XT

In one form or another, hydraulic systems have been around for thousands of years.  Basically, hydraulic systems provide a means to transfer energy.  Hydraulics are efficient, compact and found in a variety of applications, including farm and construction machinery, hoists and cranes, mining and logging equipment and various transportation units and industrial machines.

What trends are we seeing with mobile hydraulic equipment?

  • Higher operating pressures are now running up to 5,000 psi and moving to 6,500 psi.
  • Smaller, lighter equipment has reduced fluid volumes relative to pump flow rates. Lower fluid volumes spend less time in the sump equating to less time for cooling and elimination of entrained air.
  • Reduced fluid cooling due to hydraulic system encapsulation to suppress noise.
  • Increased fluid operating temperatures make it more important to maintain viscosity, and protect fluids from oxidation, varnish and thermal degradation.

Demands on Quality Fluids

The quality of the hydraulic fluid can significantly affect the operator experience and overall system performance.  It must transfer heat, lubricate, seal, and protect against rust, wear, friction, corrosion and oxidation.  It must also handle water, foam and contaminants effectively. All-season performance, the ability to resist varnish and the fluid’s overall cleanliness are important, too.

Introducing United Syn Hydraulic XT

Developed to perform in extreme (XT) operating conditions, United Syn Hydraulic XT ISO 46 is a full synthetic, anti-wear hydraulic oil for all-season performance.  Featuring a synthetic base oil, a high performing viscosity index improver and a premium additive package, United Syn Hydraulic XT is built to handle the conditions commonly found within construction, forestry and other off-road applications. Its anti-wear package is designed to protect hydrostatic and hydraulic system components against high pressure and increased stress. The shear-stable viscosity index improver helps maintain viscosity longer. It flows quickly in cold climates and protects components at high temperatures. It can also be used in applications requiring a readily biodegradable hydraulic fluid.   United Syn Hydraulic XT is engineered to:

  • Lower energy consumption for the same amount of work
  • Boost power output
  • Increase pump flow rates to improve productivity
  • Widen the effective temperature operating window for all-season performance
  • Reduce overheating and risk of equipment shut down
  • Reduce costs for operators


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