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United Synthetic Industrial Gear Oil ISO 150, 220, 320, 460

United Synthetic Industrial Gear Oils are formulated with full synthetic base oil and thermally stable extreme-pressure (EP) additives. These oils are designed for the lubrication and protection of industrial gears including bevel, herringbone, planetary and spur.


  • Proven wear and micropitting protection
  • Low pour point provides reliable cold-temperature start-up lubrication and efficiency
  • Exceeds a wide range of performance specifications for convenience and versatility
  • Resists heat and deposits for superior cleanliness
  • Excellent seal compatibility helps extend seal life and reduce leaks
  • Diminishes shock-loads and delivers excellent wear protection for bearings and gears
  • Does not contain solid additives, enhancing filterability

Note: Consult equipment operation manual for viscosity grade recommendations.


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