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United Synthetic Gear Lube GL-5 EP SAE 75W-90, 75W-140, 80W-140

United Synthetic Gear Lube GL-5 Extreme Pressure SAE 75W-90, 75W-140, 80W-140 gear oils are engineered for excellent wear protection and are extreme pressure, full synthetic gear oils.

They are formulated for use within hypoid gears in differentials and, where applicable, manual transmissions found in cars, trucks and heavy equipment. These oils outperform petroleum gear oils.


  • Extreme pressure (EP) fortified for heavily loaded gears and bearings 
  • Diminishes shock loads
  • Protects at high temperatures
  • Maintains gear and bearing cleanliness
  • Designed to extend seal life and reduce leaks
  • Excellent cold-temperature start-up lubrication
  • Protects against copper corrosion and rust

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