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United Synthetic Anti-Varnish MV Hydraulic Oil ISO 22, 32, 46, 68

United Synthetic Anti-Varnish MV (Multi-Viscosity) Hydraulic Oil is formulated with a high viscosity index for all-season use in cold and hot temperature environments and is engineered to protect against varnish and foam in hydraulic systems. The high viscosity index not only provides excellent extreme-temperature properties but also improves the likelihood of product consolidation.


  • Zinc-based anti-wear system protects vane, gear and piston pumps 
  • Excellent extreme-temperature properties reduce the need for seasonal oil changes
  • Helps extend filter life
  • Strong varnish-control properties improve system reliability
  • High viscosity index (VI) improves the likelihood of product consolidation
  • Resists foam to help eliminate sponginess
  • Resists electrical conductivity (dielectric strength > 35kV)
  • Designed to reduce seal and hose leaks

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