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United Syn Hydraulic XT ISO 46

United Syn Hydraulic XT ISO 46 is a full synthetic, anti-wear hydraulic oil formulated for all-season performance. Through its synthetic base oil, a high performing viscosity index improver and a premium additive package, United Syn Hydraulic XT is built to handle the extreme conditions commonly found within construction and forestry applications. Its anti-wear package is designed to protect surfaces against increased stress and high pressure placed on hydraulic and hydrostatic systems, and its shear-stable viscosity index improver stabilizes viscosity longer while also flowing quickly in cold climates and


  • Excellent all-season performance provides better cold-temperature performance, quicker cold starts and adequate viscosity at high temperatures
  • Enhanced shear stability provides extended oil life
  • Exceptional oxidation stability prevents viscosity increase, deposit build-up and sludge
  • Enhanced protection against corrosion, foaming, aeration and rust ensures system cleanliness and better protection well throughout the drain interval
  • Excellent thermal stability prevents oil degradation leading to longer component life and greater uptime
  • Improved anti-wear protection extends the life of components in severe conditions

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