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United Red Max Grease NLGI No. 2

United Red Max is a premium lithium complex grease with the heaviest base oil in the United Max Grease product line. United Red Max has a high dropping point of 500°F ensuring retention in high temperature conditions. This grease also has a unique additive package that ensures better anti-wear properties, high film strength and extreme pressure protection.

The lithium complex thickener structure combined with its unique additive package makes this product a primary choice for construction and mining equipment due to enhanced performance in vibrating housings and prolonged re-lubrication intervals. United Red Max is specially formulated with enhanced corrosion protection and water-resistance additives which gives extra protection against highly reactive contamination commonly found in agricultural, mining and quarry applications and red soils.


  • Superior shock load carrying capability and protection against wear
  • Excellent resistance to water washout
  • Improved protection against extremely wet operating conditions
  • Extended lubricating performance under vibrating and oscillating working conditions
  • High-temperature dropping point
  • Good pumpability in wide temperature ranges

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