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United Proform Oil

United Proform Oil is prediluted for on-the-job, ready-to-use convenience. It requires no further dilution or mixing—it can be sprayed directly from the container. United Proform Oil is a low-odor, light-colored, non-staining oil. It can be applied by spraying or brushing on either steel or wood forms to prevent the concrete from sticking to the forms.

United Proform Oil is compounded with a special release agent additive, preventing buildup of corrosion on the forms. It does not contain acids or chemicals that stain aluminum forms. The release agent is a natural lubricant blended into the base oil for a nonstaining, quickrelease fluid.

This product may be utilized as a rust-proofing oil, a light-duty saw cutting oil, process oil, or as a diluent for heavy cutting oils.

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