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United Premium Hy Vis SAE 5W-20 Hydraulic Oil

United Premium Hy Vis SAE 5W-20 Hydraulic Oil delivers excellent low-temperature startup capability coupled with adequate high-temperature viscosity. Equipment operating over a broad temperature range can benefit from year-round use of United Premium Hy Vis SAE 5W-20 Hydraulic. It is formulated with a balanced additive package and shearstable viscosity index improver to maintain sufficient body film strength to lubricate at the warmer operating temperatures found in many operations.



  • SAE 5W-20 viscosity grading ensures operation over a wide temperature range.
  • Opportunity to reduce hydraulic oil inventory
  • Good demulsibility for water separation
  • Maximum efficiency of hydraulic systems
  • Inhibited against wear, rust, corrosion, sludge, and foaming tendencies
  • High viscosity index to minimize oil viscosity change with temperature
  • Oxidation stability superior to most competitive products
  • Excellent water separation
  • Enhanced thermal stability

Hydraulic System Applications:

  • Systems with vane or axial piston pumps
  • Automated machine tools
  • Recommended for micro-filtration systems
  • High-pressure systems
  • General hydraulic oil in industrial plants
  • High-output systems
  • Mobile equipment requiring premium anti-wear hydraulic oil

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