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United MV Hydraulic LS Oil ISO 32, 46, 68

United MV (multi-viscosity) Hydraulic LS Oils are all-season hydraulic lubricants engineered for applications within a wide temperature range. These oils are formulated with rust and oxidation inhibitors, anti-wear agents and anti-foam additives. United MV Hydraulic LS Oils have good water separation capabilities so that contaminant water may be drained from the reservoir when the machine is at rest. In-plant filtration systems ensure ISO cleanliness standards during blending and packaging, providing a clean product for hydraulic systems.


  • Maximum efficiency of hydraulic systems
  • Inhibited against wear, rust, corrosion, sludge and foaming tendencies
  • High viscosity index minimizes oil viscosity change with temperature, ensuring quicker lubrication in cold climates and an adequate fluid film within operating temperatures
  • Excellent cold temperature flow

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