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United Industrial Way Oil

United Industrial Way Oil is a premium quality lubricant containing friction modifiers and tackiness additives specifically chosen to meet the needs of sliding ways for machine tools. It is recommended for use on the plain bearing slide of lathes, sharpeners, grinders and milling machines. United Industrial Way Oil is made from high quality base oil that delivers natural stability and excellent lubricity. Friction modifier additives, extreme pressure compounds, and tackiness agents are added to provide the performance required of a modern way lubricant.

United Industrial Way Oil provides good stick-slip friction characteristics and good rust preventative properties. The tackiness agent forms a tenacious film which resists being wiped off by the slow moving parallel surfaces of the way and resists being washed away by cutting fluids. United Industrial Way Oil delivers superior demulsibility which will minimize the problem of forming an emulsion with water base coolants.

United Industrial Way Oil is recommended for essentially all general purpose shop lubricants for gear lubrication, as well as way lubrication.


  • Stays on ways longer - will not run off
  • Will not squeeze out when machine is idle
  • Special additives reduce friction and wear
  • Protects ways from scoring under heavy loads
  • Excellent extreme pressure properties
  • Controlled viscosity prevents table floating
  • Special metal-wetting agents protect ways from rust
  • Resists water wash-off

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