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United Industrial Hydraulic Oil

United Industrial Hydraulic Oils are formulated with advanced low-zinc anti-wear additives and also provide rust and oxidation protection in hydraulic systems. This additive system is balanced with high quality base oils to deliver an effective combination of anti-wear, demulsibility, filterability, rust protection, oxidation resistance and foam resistance properties.

United Industrial Hydraulic Oils are recommended for service in a wide range of hydraulic systems. They meet the industry’s demand for a universal type hydraulic media suitable for use in systems having vane or axial piston pumps, high pressure and high output. Low ash and low zinc levels permit their use in automated machine tools, mobile and stationary applications that have stringent filterability requirements.


  • Maximum efficiency of hydraulic systems
  • Inhibited against wear, rust, corrosion, sludge, and foaming tendencies
  • High viscosity index to minimize oil viscosity change with temperature
  • Resistant to oxidation
  • Excellent water separation

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