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United Hydraulic Way Oil

Hydraulic Way Oils are premium quality lubricants containing oiliness and tackiness additives specifically chosen to meet the needs of machine tools. They can be used in machine tools that use a Dual-Purpose lubricant where hydraulic fluid also provides lubrication for the ways. They are recommended for use on the plain bearing slide of lathes, sharpeners, grinders, and milling machines. Hydraulic Way Oils are made from base oils of good natural stability and lubricity. Oiliness additives, extreme pressure compounds, and tackiness agents are added to provide the performance required of a modern machine tool lubricants.


  • Dual-purpose design
  • Stay on ways longer, resists run off
  • Excellent friction reduction, eliminates stick-slip chatter of ways
  • Protects ways from scoring under heavy loads extending equipment life
  • Controlled viscosity prevents table floating
  • Resists water wash-off

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