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United Fully Formulated Coolant/Antifreeze - Concentrate

United Fully Formulated Coolant/Antifreeze is designed to provide excellent engine protection for heavy-duty cooling systems. For years, heavy-duty operators were limited to using low silicate automotive antifreeze that required the addition of a separate supplemental coolant additive (SCA) at initial fill and top-off. While this was effective, it resulted in mixing errors when the SCA was added. To prevent SCA variability caused by mixing errors and improve convenience, United Fully Formulated Coolant/Antifreeze was developed.

United Fully Formulated Coolant/Antifreeze is a universal formula antifreeze, having the advantages of low total dissolved solids, low silicate, and incorporated nitrite to provide enhanced wet sleeve liner cavitation protection. Since United Fully Formulated Coolant/Antifreeze has a high-quality SCA, there is no need to add SCAs at initial fill or when topping off to compensate for SCA dilution.


  • No additional SCAs required at initial fill or top-off
  • Low silicate, low total dissolved solids
  • Contains nitrite for superior wet sleeve liner cavitation protection
  • Phosphate-free formula that reduces the risk of scale
  • State-of-the-art corrosion inhibitors
  • Use at top-off to maintain correct SCA levels

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