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United Full Synthetic SAE 0W-16 Passenger Car Motor Oil

United Full Synthetic SAE 0W-16 Passenger Car Motor Oil is formulated to meet the regulatory and engine durability performance requirements for ILSAC GF-6B, API SP. This includes enhanced fuel efficiency, better oxidation stability, better piston cleanliness & better wear control.


  • Additive technology that you can trust, United Full Synthetic SAE 0W-16 meets the HTHS (High Temp High Shear) viscosity requirements of 2.3-2.6 mPa.s, while ensuring long term protection of the engine.
  • Improved fuel economy for consumers as measured by Sequence VIF fuel efficiency test.
  • Provides strong protection against low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI), which is a phenomenon that can lead to pre-ignition knock in turbocharged, direct injection gasoline engines.
  • Provides improved oxidative stability and low-temperature performance.
  • Features a high-quality detergent package for excellent engine cleanliness.
  • Provides excellent anti-wear protection of critical engine parts.
  • A high level of dispersancy protects against sludge, engine rust, and corrosion.
  • Designed for today’s gasoline engines that operate at higher temperatures.

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