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United Blue Max Synthetic Blend Grease NLGI No. 2

United Blue Max is a synthetic blend, multi-purpose, high temperature grease designed to greatly decrease the forces required for movement of components while creating an active, protective barrier between moving surfaces minimizing adverse effects on mechanical components. United Blue Max is highly dependable in a variety of machines and applications including: plain and rolling element bearings, steering racks, ball end joints, pins and bushings. United Blue Max reduces the need to carry large grease inventories and provides excellent adhesive characteristics for stay-in-place performance and exceptional resistance to water and other adverse conditions. Its balanced high load-carrying ability provides maximum protection by reducing friction and wear.


  • Provides excellent bearing migration to insure quick and thorough grease contact
  • Good adhesion to metal during wet conditions
  • Strong load-carrying capabilities and exceeds GC-LB specifications
  • Best choice for inventory consolidation
  • *Excellent mobility/pumpability for year-round use and centralized lubrication systems where NLGI 2 grade greases are better suited for the application
  • Environmentally conscious, containing no heavy metals
  • High dropping point (greater than 500°F)

*For low temperature operation, grease distribution systems must be given proper consideration, including pump type and capability, grease flow lines, length, type and size. Adjustments many need to be made.

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