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United MV Zinc Free Hydraulic Oil ISO 46

United MV Zinc Free Hydraulic Oil ISO 46

United MV Zinc Free Hydraulic Oil ISO 46 is an exceptional multi-grade, anti-wear, high viscosity index hydraulic oil. This oil is formulated specifically for use in equipment that is operating over a wide range of temperatures and where oil with dielectric properties is required. It is recommended for use in Hitachi, John Deere and other off-road equipment. These oils have a balanced additive combination of pour point depressants and shear stability viscosity index improvers which make them suitable for operating in outdoor mobile equipment under cold start-up operating conditions. In addition to its excellent low-temperature characteristics, United MV Zinc Free Hydraulic Oil 46 will also maintain sufficient body film strength to lubricate at the warmer operating temperatures found in many operations.


  • Hitachi excavators with 4,000 hour service intervals
  • High viscosity index meets the all-season requirements of most major manufacturers and users of hydraulic systems
  • Both high and low pressure hydraulic systems for industrial and mobile applications
  • A broad range of industrial applications, machine tools, presses, injection molding machines, central systems, gear cases and various bearing applications; mobile loading and continuous mining equipment where high speeds, heavy loads and high temperatures are encountered
  • Reduction gears and bearings with greater load carrying requirements than are satisfied by conventional R&O fluids

United MV Zinc Free Hydraulic Oil ISO 46 is not compatible with United MV Extreme Hydraulic Oil or other zinc containing anti-wear hydraulic oils. Topping off with these fluids may cause gelling, residue or filter plugging.