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United MV Extreme Hydraulic 32

United MV Extreme Hydraulic 32

United MV Extreme Hydraulic Oil ISO 32 is a multi-grade hydraulic lubricant engineered for extreme temperature ranges. The low pour point of -58° F enables this fluid to flow quickly in extreme cold climates, avoiding pump cavitation that results in pump wear. The high viscosity index of this fluid addresses extreme hot climates and operating temperatures, thinning out less at high temperatures than typical hydraulic fluids.

United MV Extreme Hydraulic Oil is formulated with rust inhibitors, oxidation inhibitors, anti-wear agents and anti-foam additives. This fluid is fortified with a friction modifier lubricity agent necessary in hydraulic systems operating wet clutches and/or wet brakes, commonly found in industrial cranes and other off-road equipment. United MV Extreme Hydraulic Oil has very good water separation so that contaminant water may be drained from the reservoir when the machine is at rest. In-plant filtration systems insure ISO cleanliness standards during blending and container filling to provide a clean product for your expensive hydraulic system.


  • Cold climate mobility
  • Maximum efficiency of hydraulic systems
  • Protects against wear, rust, corrosion, sludge, and foaming tendencies
  • High viscosity index to minimize oil viscosity change with temperature
  • Outstanding oxidation stability
  • Excellent water separation
  • Enhanced thermal stability
  • ISO cleanliness